Steins;Gate 0 Trophy List

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100% Completed Steins;Gate 0.
Began Steins;Gate 0.
Cleared “Missing Link”.
Cleared “Closed Epigraph”.
Cleared “A Stray Sheep”.
Cleared “The Orbital Eclipse”.
Cleared “Anitomic Dual”.
Cleared “Promised Rinascimento”.
Cleared “X-Day Protocol”.
Cleared “Pandora's Box”.
Cleared “Presage or Recognize”.
Cleared “Vega and Altair”.
Cleared “Gehenna's Stigma”.
Cleared “Twin Automata”.
Cleared “Recursive Mother Goose”.
Cleared “Milky-way Crossing”.
Opened Clear List.
Opened CG Library.
Opened Sound Library.
Opened Movie Library.
Saw 25% of CG.
Saw 50% of CG.
Saw 75% of CG.
Saw all CG.
Saw all TIPS.
Answered a message from someone.
Read and ignored a message.