Trophy List

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Rescue a Clone from a Test Chamber!
Accidents may happen with the 'Inflate-A-Mate.
Raise a small army of Skeleton Clones
Jack free a Clobot from the PTi Collective!
Beat any level without jumping
Play and complete a Community Map and rate it.
Discover and complete a secret Test Chamber.
Collect every Clothing Pickup in the game.
Visit and uncover every room on the map.
Find the top secret and untested Gadget!
Rescue all Clones.
S-Rank all Test Chambers.
Complete Sector 001 - Inhuman Resources
Complete Sector 002 - Technical Damage
Complete Sector 003 - Security Crackdown
Complete Sector 004 - Relocation Options
Complete Sector 005 - The Downward Slide
Complete Sector 006 - Silent Takeover
Complete Sector 007 - Double Standards
Complete all Sectors
S-Rank all levels in any Sector
Find all pickups in any Sector
Unlock all levels
Unlock all equipment
S-Rank all levels
Complete TC Sector 01 - New Toys
Complete TC Sector 02 – Warped Thinking
Complete a level without using a vending machine
Beat a level without jumping
Collect all pickups in The Teleporter Chambers
S-Rank all Teleporter Chambers levels
Complete The Lost Clones Sector 01 - Return to Blender
Complete The Lost Clones Sector 02 - Final Cut
Locate all Lost Clone Survivors
Complete five different Lost Clones levels in a row without being spotted
Collect all pickups in The Lost Clones
S-Rank all Lost Clones levels