Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter Trophy List

Flight School Flight School
Complete all training missions.
Wingman Wingman
Complete a mission using cooperative play.
Flying Solo Flying Solo
Unlock all one-player Bonus Missions.
Buddy System Buddy System
Unlock all two-player Bonus Missions.
Full Hangar Full Hangar
Unlock every ship.
Dragon's Breath Dragon's Breath
Complete all Act I missions on any difficulty.
Dragon's Den Dragon's Den
Complete all Act II missions on any difficulty.
No Shield Required No Shield Required
Complete a mission without taking any damage.
A Jedi's Work is Never Done A Jedi's Work is Never Done
Complete every hidden objective.
Jedi Padawan Jedi Padawan
Complete every mission on the Easy difficulty.
Jedi Knight Jedi Knight
Complete every mission on the Medium difficulty.
Jedi Master Jedi Master
Complete every mission on the Hard difficulty.
No Small Task No Small Task
Complete every regular and bonus objective for every mission.