Squares Trophy List

Jack of all squares Jack of all squares
Finish all levels with 3 Squariness
Quadrilateral! Quadrilateral!
Finish the game
Halfway there Halfway there
Beat the first 45 levels
Square tapper Square tapper
Tap 500 blue squares
Tappity tap tap Tappity tap tap
Tap 1000 blue squares
Tap much? Tap much?
Tap 2000 blue squares
Follow the finger Follow the finger
Swipe 250 squares
The right way The right way
Swipe 500 squares
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Red means lava Red means lava
Tap 100 red squares
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Take a deep breath Take a deep breath
Lose a single level 25 times in a row
Seriously? Seriously?
Finish a level in under 1 second
Winning with style Winning with style
Get 3 Squariness in a level
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
On your last legs On your last legs
Finish a level in the last tenth of a second
Infinite possibilities Infinite possibilities
Create a level
Full circle Full circle
Play a level you created