Sportsfriends Trophy List

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Get On Top - First to 1000 victories. Go!
Make it through all the names in the Backers section
Super Pole Riders - Play Kalgoorlie on Boxing Day (December 26)
Super Pole Riders - Complete a match on Rainbow Highway
Super Pole Riders - Win a match with maximum "luck" handicap
J.S. Joust - Start a game with the secret Sportsfriends music option
J.S. Joust - Unlock secret options menu
J.S. Joust - Start a game every day of the week
Hokra - Play Rio as Brazil on Ramiro's birthday (July 10)
Hokra - Complete a pass from corner to opposite corner on New York City
Hokra - Win a match while taunting for at least 50% of your scores
BaraBariBall - Stay in the air for at least 30 seconds
BaraBariBall - Complete a match on Lagoon At Dusk
BaraBariBall - Clash 5 times in a row