Spelunker Z Trophy List

First Adventure First Adventure
Complete 1-1.
Lithograph Collection Started! Lithograph Collection Started!
Receive a Lithograph Ore for the first time.
Ancient Technology Resurrection Ancient Technology Resurrection
Complete an item for the first time.
Ancient Technology Evolution Ancient Technology Evolution
Upgrade an item for the first time.
Gather Together Gather Together
Play Multiplayer mode for the first time.
Rescue Team Rescue Team
Rescue teammate for the first time.
Abandoned Mine Abandoned Mine
Complete 1-25.
Underground Ocean Underground Ocean
Complete 2-25.
Everybody's Friend Everybody's Friend
Receive NICE Award for the first time.
Most valuable Spelunker Most valuable Spelunker
Receive MVP for the first time.
Legend of Spelunker Legend of Spelunker
Receive MVP 100 times.
Forgotten Ruins Forgotten Ruins
Complete 3-25.
Raging Volcano Cave Raging Volcano Cave
Complete 4-25.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Ultimate Treasure Ultimate Treasure
Clear stages and collect 300 ☆.