Spellspire Trophy List

Spell Master Spell Master
Armored Corpse Armored Corpse
Beat the Armored Corpse on 10th floor.
Unicorpse Unicorpse
Beat the Unicorpse on 20th floor.
Carp Knight Carp Knight
Beat the Carp Knight on 30th floor.
Goblin Goblin
Beat the Goblin on 40th floor.
Ballistic Gel Ballistic Gel
Beat the Ballistic Gel on 50th floor.
Lard Corpse Lard Corpse
Beat the Lard Corpse on 60th floor.
Royal Jelly Royal Jelly
Beat the Royal Jelly on 70th floor.
Prince Prince
Beat the Prince on 80th floor.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Slay the dragon at the top.
Star Tower Star Tower
Complete star challenges for each of the floors.
Descension Descension
Descend to dungeon level 10.
How Low Can You Go? How Low Can You Go?
Descend to dungeon level 42.
Here Be No Dragons Here Be No Dragons
Slay the chrome dragon in the dungeon.
Dungeon Master Dungeon Master
Reach 150m distance in the dungeon.
What's in the Box? What's in the Box?
Come up with a seven letter word without using dictionary books.
The Dreadful Eight The Dreadful Eight
Come up with an eight letter word without using dictionary books.
Spelled to the Nines Spelled to the Nines
Come up with a nine letter word without using dictionary books.
10tons of Letters 10tons of Letters
Come up with a ten letter word without using dictionary books.
Thesaurus Thesaurus
Find 25% of the available words in a level.
Wand up! Wand up!
Upgrade a legendary wand to maximum level.
Suits you! Suits you!
Upgrade the luminous robe to maximum level.
Hats off! Hats off!
Buy all hats.