Special Delivery Trophy List

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Complete all levels of Breaking News.
Collect 10 newspaper pickups.
Collect 50 newspaper pickups.
Collect 100 newspaper pickups.
Crash 50 times.
Crash 250 times.
Crash 500 times.
Throw 200 newspapers.
Throw 750 newspapers.
Throw 1500 newspapers.
Break 20 lawn gnomes.
Break 100 lawn gnomes.
Break 200 lawn gnomes.
Get killed by a tornado cow.
Get killed by 10 dogs.
Get killed by 50 dogs.
Get killed by 100 dogs.
Break 25 fire hydrants.
Break 75 fire hydrants.
Break 150 fire hydrants.
Detonate a building.
Knock granny over 5 times.
Knock granny over 30 times.
Knock granny over 100 times.
Get hit by cars 10 times.
Get hit by cars 50 times.
Get hit by cars 150 times.
Complete all deliveries in downhill section of Breaking News without using brakes.
Delivery to 100% of homes in week 4.