Spec Ops: The Line Trophy List

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Unlock all Trophies.
What's lost is found.
Look out below.
We have contact.
Engineer an exit strategy.
Face the horrors of war.
Stand united.
Get out of here!
The end of the line.
Play it loose.
Play it smart.
Follow your orders.
Buck the chain of command.
Show mercy.
Save a bullet.
Choose vengeance.
Choose restraint.
You are relieved.
Carry on, soldier.
Live and let live.
Live and let die.
Complete game on "Walk on the Beach" difficulty.
Complete game on "Combat Op" difficulty.
Complete game on "Suicide Mission" difficulty.
Complete game on "FUBAR" difficulty.
Kill 350 enemies with any rifle. (campaign only)
Kill 100 enemies with any pistol or SMG. (campaign only)
Kill 75 enemies with any shotgun. (campaign only)
Kill 50 enemies with any sniper rifle. (campaign only)
Kill 150 enemies with any heavy weapon. (campaign only)
Kill 50 enemies with grenades. (campaign only)
Kill 250 enemies with headshots. (campaign only)
Hit 10 enemies with your melee attack. (campaign only)
Kick an enemy by vaulting over a cover. (campaign only)
Kill 5 enemies using blind fire. (campaign only)
Sprint into cover 10 times while under fire. (campaign only)
Stun an enemy by dumping sand on their head. (campaign only)
Blow up 10 explosive objects, killing at least one enemy each time. (campaign only)
Kill 50 enemies using only the Attack Command. (campaign only)
Kill 4 enemies with a shotgun in 10 seconds or less. (campaign only)
Kill 10 enemies while they use zip lines or are rappelling. (campaign only)
Kill an Edged Weapon Expert while he is up to 5 meters away. (campaign only)
Kill 3 enemies with a single grenade. (campaign only)
Kill an enemy just as they are throwing a grenade. (campaign only)
Kill an enemy by tagging him with a sticky grenade. (campaign only)
Complete three chapters in a row without being killed or reloading a checkpoint.
Complete any chapter with 60%+ accuracy without dying or reloading a checkpoint.
Kill an oryx. (campaign only)
Recover one Intel Item.
Recover 12 Intel Items.
Recover all Intel Items.