Speakeasy Trophy List

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Punch someone's head off! (Don't worry, they get it back)
First Sudden Death showdown
Pop 100 heads off
Pop 1,000 heads off (Trash talking is mandatory)
Tie five times straight with Face Off deactivated
Block succesfully 100 times
Play every game mode (Make sure and stay hydrated)
Get five consecutive kills in King of the Hill
Get 100 Face Off sequences correct
Pile up 250 props and hats on the ground
The Ultimate Fist Bump. Possibly the greatest trophy ever. This is one you will have to figure out on your own.
Fake 100 times
Swap 100 times
Rack up 10 hours of playtime in Speakeasy (Bathroom breaks recommended)
Win 25 matches with every character
Both players successfully complete 6 straight Face Off sequences