Space Hulk Trophy List

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Having Achieved The Highest Honors in Battle.
Kill 30 Genestealers with the assault cannon.
Kill 6 Genestealers in one shot with the flamer.
Kill 20 Genestealers with the power sword.
Survive 15 close combat encounters.
Kill 6 Genestealers with one psychic storm.
Kill 5 Broodlords.
Kill 1000 enemies.
Kill 40 000 enemies.
Win close assault against Broodlord.
Customize your banner.
Destroy 20 doors with a Chainfist.
Complete a mission without using a single Command Point.
Unjam a bolter 40 times.
Have a terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn.
Survive “Suicide Mission” without any casualties.
Kill 10 Genestealers during one turn in the “Exterminate” mission.
Mission 3 - Pass the C.A.T. between at least three terminators.
Mission 4 - Cleanse both rooms during the same turn.
Mission 5 - Escape with eight or more marines.
Mission 6 - Wake all unconscious Marines and take no casualties.
Mission 7 - The marine that picks up the artefact must be the one exiting the map with it.
Mission 8 - Calistarius must survive.
Exit the map with at least 7 marines in the "Regroup" mission, but not before all have been put into play.
Let no terminators die during "Defend" mission.
Mission 11 - Kill the broodlord.
Escape with at least two Terminators before the end of the tenth turn in "Pitfall" mission.
Get all the mission specific trophies.
Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on easy.
Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on normal.
Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on hard.