Space Ace Trophy List

Regain Your Manhood Regain Your Manhood
Energize in the First scene
Just Dex Just Dex
Complete the game in Cadet mode, with Infinite Lives
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Get the Popcorn Get the Popcorn
Watch the entire game
Oh Captain! My Captain! Oh Captain! My Captain!
Complete the game in Captain mode, in 5 Lives mode
Call Me Ace Call Me Ace
Complete the game in Ace mode, in 5 Lives mode
Infantilized Infantilized
Complete the game without Energizing in all but the final level
Go Go Ace! Go Go Ace!
Complete the game Energizing in all scenes - (Ace mode, with 5 Lives)
Borf Hunter Borf Hunter
Complete the game in Ace mode, with no Move Guide, in 3 Lives mode