Soul Axiom Trophy List

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Collect all Soul Axiom trophies.
Complete the Ship
Complete the Desert
Complete the Desert Temple
Complete the Elysian Fields
Complete the Monorail
Complete the Jungle
Complete the Warzone
Complete the Beach
Complete the Museum
Complete the Hospital
Complete the Ice Palace
Complete the University
Complete the Mansion
Complete the Space Station
Complete the Church
Complete the Winter HQ
Complete the Apartment
Complete the Tree of Life
Complete the Corrupt Winter HQ with No Deaths
Complete the HUB
Complete the Waiting Room
Defeat the Volcano Angel without any Deaths
Complete Solomon's Ending
Complete Dana's Ending
Complete Doctor's Ending
Complete the Office
Complete the Volcano
Visit the Prehistoric Era
Find the "kids" Owl picture in the Hospital
Go back to understand
Complete all three endings
Find the blue duck
Complete the Clock Puzzle without dying in the Ice Palace
Find the first Monkey
Find half the Monkeys
Find all the Monkeys
Find the first Eye
Find half the Eyes
Find all the Eyes
Find the Phase Power
Find the Play Power
Find the Destroy Power
Find the Corrupt Power
Beat the Crows without dying on the Corrupt Mansion
Phase the Ball in the Desert Temple
Find Seren in the Tree of Life
Complete the Puzzle on the Monorail
Destroy the Right Monkey in the Jungle
Trigger the shark attack on the beach
Trigger the shark attack on the Museum