Sorcery Saga: The Curse of the Great Curry God Trophy List

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Obtained all the trophies! Yay, you!
You've learned every skill and spell.
You've defeated 10,000 monsters! Wow.
You've filled out every info book.
You've gone on 100+ adventures.
You've entered the Sacred Sky Palace.
You've found 75% of the items in the game.
You've collected 75% of the monsters in the game.
You've defeated 1,000 monsters!
You've defeated 2,500 monsters!
You've defeated 5,000 monsters!
You've been knocked out 50 times.
You've vanquished the Mysterious Curry Tower!
You've learned 20 different skills!
You've enhanced equipment to level +99.
You've weakened equipment to level -99!
You have cleared the Magic Tower, Maze of Initial Resolve!
You have cleared the Rock-Hard Cavern!
You have cleared the Flaming Volcano!
You have cleared the Madadel Ruins!
You have cleared the Grain-y Wilds!
You've crafted equipment for the first time.
You've made sweet, delicious curry for the first time!
You have changed your clothes for the first time!
You've learned your first skill! Daw!
You've bought something from Smile Curry.
You've opened your first treasure chest.
You've enhanced equipment to level +7.
You've weakened equipment to level -7!
You've defeated 50 monsters!
You've defeated 500 monsters!
You've been knocked out 15 times.
You've played this fine game for an hour...and counting!
You watched the fine opening movie. Thanks!