Trophy List

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Collect all the other trophies in the game
Kill the Banshee
Kill the Troll in Ordale
Kill the Elf Assassin
Kill the Forest Guardian
Repair the sky
Kill an enemy with a double ricochet
Kill an enemy that you can't see with curved bolt
Take damage from a reflected arcane bolt
Kill an enemy with shield bash
Shatter 3 enemies with one hit
Freeze yourself with a reflected ice bolt
Pick up 5 spiders with a whirlwind
Execute the fire/wind/arcane combo
Kill 4 sylphs with one lightning bolt
Kill a fire sylph and an ice sylph with a lightning storm
Hit an enemy with arcane, ice, wind, fire, and lightning
Killed by Erline
Change every sheep at the tower into a pig
Hit an enemy simultaneously with a curved bolt and a straight bolt
Keep an enemy chilled for 20 seconds
Set 7 enemies on fire at the same time
Cast lightning trap, lightning storm, and lightning bolt simultaneously
Open 50% of the chests in the game
Research every potion in the game
Find every ingredient in the game
Die while you're a rat
Accumulate 20,000 gold
150 kills with ice
150 kills with fire
Kill the Nightmare Queen
Open every chest in the game
Collect every treasure in the game
Beat the game without drinking a single health potion