Songbringer Trophy List

Wizard Wizard
Unlock all Trophies
Wielder Wielder
Wield the Nanosword
Explorer Explorer
Enter a dungeon
White Belt White Belt
Finish the first dungeon
Yellow Belt Yellow Belt
Finish the second dungeon
Orange Belt Orange Belt
Finish the third dungeon
Green Belt Green Belt
Finish the fourth dungeon
Blue Belt Blue Belt
Finish the fifth dungeon
Purple Belt Purple Belt
Finish the sixth dungeon
Red Belt Red Belt
Finish the seventh dungeon
Brown Belt Brown Belt
Finish the eighth dungeon
Black Belt Black Belt
Finish the ninth dungeon
Shopper Shopper
Buy an item from a store
Psychedelic Wanderer Psychedelic Wanderer
Use a Cactus to find a secret
Etheric Etheric
Walk a secret path
Friend of Durin Friend of Durin
Speak friend and enter
Brute Enforcer Brute Enforcer
Open a secret wall
Smiley Gladhander Smiley Gladhander
Interact with every NPC
Crafty Crafty
Combine two items at the Droidsmith
Simukiller Simukiller
Kill four or more enemies at once
Omnikiller Omnikiller
Kill every kind of enemy at least once
Lucid Lucid
Clear an easy dungeon of all enemies
Pellucid Pellucid
Clear a difficult dungeon of all enemies
Survivalist Survivalist
Have less than 1 courage after vanquishing a boss
Permanent Being Permanent Being
Complete the game in Permadeath mode
Speedrunner Speedrunner
Complete the game in under 2.5 hours
Vanquisher Vanquisher
Complete the game with any percentage of items
Completionist Completionist
Complete the game with 100% items
Journeyer Journeyer
Complete the game with 100% of the map uncovered
Cheapskate Cheapskate
Complete the game without buying any items
Swordless Master Swordless Master
Complete the game without the Nanosword in Permadeath mode
Doubler of Eleven Doubler of Eleven
Play the game at 11:11 AM or PM