Snipers - Invisible, Silent, Deadly Trophy List

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Gain all the trophies.
Succeed at all the challenges from level 3.
Win a match on each map for each game mode.
Purchase all equipment.
Reach the highest rank (Commander)
Purchase all weapons.
Succeed a Level III challenge
Succeed all Level I challenges.
Win a game in each game mode.
Win a game on each map.
Purchase all Scope equipment.
Purchase all Projectiles equipment.
Purchase all Booby traps equipment.
Purchase all Abilities equipment.
Be promoted to Lieutenant I.
Stab an enemy in the back.
Finish off an enemy who has been stunned by a stun grenade.
Kill an enemy with a headshot.
Stab an enemy to death.
Kill an enemy with an explosive.
Kill an enemy by sending his own grenade back to him.
Kill an enemy and yourself with a grenade.
Kill an enemy through a wall.
Destroy an enemy explosive.
Kill an enemy with a silencer.
Kill multiple enemies with an explosive.
Kill an enemy caught up in his grappling gear.
Win a Free For All game.
Win a Team Deathmatch.
Win a Last Team Standing game.
Win a Capture the Flag game.
Win a Contract match.
First use of a Drone.
Finish the tutorial.
First equipment purchase.
Be promoted to Sergeant.
First weapons purchase.