Smoke and Sacrifice Trophy List

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Collect all trophies in the game.
Reach the Underworld.
Meet the Feral Child.
Meet an old friend.
Discover the World Heart.
Find your son.
Craft the Verdite Reactor.
Complete the game.
Feed starving orphans.
Show various esoteric objects to the Craftmaster.
Help the Feral Child breed a pet.
Use the Workbench.
Use the Blastforge.
Use the Manufactory.
Use the Crucible.
Defeat Marduk, Priest of Bone.
Defeat Smotherk, Priest of Flame.
Defeat Telemak, Priest of Lore.
Blow up a Pumping Station.
Blow up a Spark Rat nest.
Trap a Spark Rat.
Trap a Grim Raptor or Grim Cheeper.
Trap a Polyp.
Trap a Smoke Ghost.
Incubate a Raptor Egg.
Dig up a hoard.
Break open a Larva Mound.
Witness the birth of a Smoke Ghost.
Show off the result of a Behaviour Module.
Defeat a Porkupine.
Defeat a Grim Raptor.
Defeat a Stoker.
Defeat a Male Pangocorn.
Retire a faithful worker.
Open a hatch.