Smashbox Arena Trophy List

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Unlock all the Trophies in the Game
Complete the Tutorial
Complete an Multiplayer Match (Online Mode)
Play a Match as every Character (Original Cast)
Block an Incoming Shot with a Ball
Catch an Incoming Shot
Play on Every Map
Eliminate the same Enemy 3 Times in a Match
Complete the Story Mode on any level of difficulty
Hit an opponent from over 30 meters away
Shoot 10 Times in a Single round
Complete a match without being eliminated
Unlock all the Characters
Score 100 eliminations with Boulder Balls
Score 100 eliminations with Sniper Balls
Score 100 eliminations with Fire Balls
Score 100 eliminations with Heat Seeking Missiles
Score 50 eliminations with Grenades
Use Shields to Block 50 Incoming Shots
Catch a ball, then eliminate an Enemy with it
Eliminate an Enemy 3 Seconds after Teleporting
Score 3 eliminations in 1 Round
Win a Match 5-0
Eliminate 2 enemies with a Frag or Boulder
Score 1000 eliminations in Story mode
Score 1000 eliminations in Online Mode
Complete the Story Mode on Hard