Smash Hit Plunder Trophy List

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Collected all the trophies
Ate one of everything
Burned one of everything
Unlocked the first dungeon
Collected all 3 crowns from a dungeon
Blew up 50 items with a bomb
Unlocked Free Run
Dispelled 50 flying animals
Collected 1000 objects in Scavenger Hunt
...It's a Feature. Dispelled 50 spiders
Gone into every secret room in the castle
Stood in front of the mirror for an awkward length of time
Threw something out the window
Dispelled 50 mice and rats
Blew up 50 bombs
Dispelled 50 ghosts
Thrown items a total of 4572 Cubits
Collected 100000 loot
Discovered Shadowmere Crypt
Went into every room
Smashed 10 items all at once
Squished a spider with a weapon
You burned 451 books
Dispelled a pigeon with an arrow
Killed a mouse with cheese
Defeated Mordred and claimed the castle
Thrown an arrow on target in Bronzewatch Guard Tower
Picked up 500 books
Walked 200 Ye Oldy Furlongs
Smashed one of every item
Collected all the crowns
Collected one of everything
Eaten 333 pieces of food
Started 1000 fires