Slam Land Trophy List

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Toss out a peanut worth more than 20 points.
Score with a peanut worth 20 or more points.
Dunk a stack of 3 players and a peanut.
Toss an opponent, catch them, and dunk them.
Dunk another player.
Dunk a 3 stack of players.
Get 5 dunks without dieing.
Complete HORSE in 30 seconds or less.
Throw out a full spelling of horse and still win the round.
Score 30 trash in 60 seconds or less.
Grab an opponent who was tossed by someone else and dunk them.
Never get dunked in a round.
Fall off the edge 10 times or more in a single round.
Jump off the edge holding 3 opponents.
Punch anything into a goal.
Iinterrupt 5 or more dunks in a single round.