Skylanders Giants Portal Owners Pack Trophy List

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Earn all other Trophies
Complete Chapter 3
Complete Chapter 4
Complete Chapter 5
Complete Chapter 6
Complete Chapter 7
Complete Chapter 8
Complete Chapter 9
Complete Chapter 10
Complete Chapter 11
Complete Chapter 12
Complete Chapter 13
Complete Chapter 14
Complete Chapter 15
Complete the Story Mode by recovering the Iron Fist of Arkus and defeating Kaos on any difficulty
Complete the Story Mode on Nightmare difficulty
Earn 3 Stars on any Adventure Level
Unlock your first Elemental area
Complete 1 Heroic Challenge
Complete your first arena challenge
Complete all 21 Arena Challenges
Chapter 1 - Open all the Elemental areas
Chapter 2 - Complete the Chain Pull Feat of Strength
Chapter 3 - Complete the Log Lift Feat of Strength
Chapter 4 - Collect all of the Skystones
Chapter 5 - Destroy 7 snowmen
Chapter 6 - Destroy all the Arkeyan Autogyros
Chapter 7 - Talk to all of the Wilikins
Chapter 8 - Complete the level without getting directly hit by a cannon
Chapter 9 - Destroy 10 Kaos Bust Statues
Chapter 10 - Shoot down 10 mines
Chapter 11 - Damage Drill-X by throwing a pipe at him
Chapter 12 - Destroy 3 enemy huts with boulders Giants can lift
Chapter 13 - Destroy all the columns in the second trial
Chapter 14 - Collect all 16 speed boosts in "The Long Haul" section
Chapter 15 - Defeat Freebot in a game of Skystones
Chapter 16 - Complete the chapter without taking damage from fire traps
SkyStones - Capture 2 stones with 1 single stone
Don’t take any damage from Kaos' rockets during the mini-game on the Dread-Yacht
Collect soul gems for Tree Rex and Jet-Vac
Collect 10 Legendary Ship Parts
Collect 10 Story Scrolls
Collect 10 Hats
Level up any Skylander to level 15
Purchase all upgrades for any one Skylander
Amass 65,000 Treasure with any one Skylander