Skyhill Trophy List

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Fix all panels during one playthrough
Cure a poisoning
Collect all notes in the game
Craft any weapon
Complete the game
Get the alternative ending
Get secret ending
Loot the dead bird
One-shot the parasite
Upgrade your Door to max level
Chat with the computer
Get food-poisoning
Complete the game on Hardcore
Barter something with the old man
Win a battle with 5 or less health
Kill 10 enemies in the row with a mop
Open a card lock
Use Amnesia perk
Upgrade your Bed to max level
Fight with two enemies in one combat and win
Upgrade your Kitchen to max level and cook something
Craft 3 medium medkits
Complete the game and only eat veggies
Upgrade your Workbench to max level
Check the cameras
Release the hanged man
Dodge 3 hits in a row
Turn on the TV
Print the document
Read 3 SMS
Reach level 7 with your character
Critically hit the enemy for 60+ damage.
Reach the 50th floor
Die in any of the lowest 10 floors
Explore every room in one playthrough
Follow the legend
Fix the elevator without any items
Die 20 times
Use Mysterious Device perk
Use Lucky Bastard perk
Use Deductive Method perk
Use Retro Cinema perk
Use Hard Times perk
Die 100 times
Kill an enemy with your bare hands