Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-A-Fide Edition Trophy List

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Complete the Shores of the Dead on Normal difficulty.
Complete the Land of Eternal Blossoms on Normal difficulty.
Complete the Land of Monsoon Meadows on Normal difficulty.
Complete the Land of Golden Harvest on Normal difficulty.
Complete the Land of Frozen Fortunes on Normal difficulty.
Power up your General to a Demon.
Defeat an enemy Monk by haunting its Shrine.
Bring back a fallen unit with a Demon Fox Monk's Revive spell.
Defeat 5 foes at once with a Salamander Monk's Lightning Storm spell.
Knock 3 foes off a ledge at once with a Demon Crow Monk's Typhoon spell.
Earn 15 gold skulls.
Earn 30 gold skulls.
Break a Deadly Alliance in online multiplayer.
Win an online multiplayer match.
Win a team deathmatch game with your teammate still alive.
Win a multiplayer match with a 20-second-per-turn time limit.
Complete the Forgotten Isles on Normal difficulty.
Cast the Tanuki's taunt on a General and kill him with the Tanuki's counterattack.
Earn all of the Bone-a-Fied Edition Gold Skulls.