Trophy List

Platinum Platinum
Collect all other trophies.
Bully Bully
Take down one opponent.
Berzerk Berzerk
Take down three opponents in a row without crashing.
Rampage Rampage
Take down four opponents in a row without crashing.
Acrobat Acrobat
Perform a two stunt combo.
Wire Fu Wire Fu
Perform a three stunt combo.
Adrenaline Junkie Adrenaline Junkie
Stay in adrenaline mode for 30 seconds.
Boostaholic Boostaholic
Stay in adrenaline mode for 60 seconds.
Hoarder Hoarder
Unlock half of all unlockables in career mode.
Pack Rat Pack Rat
Unlock all unlockables in career mode.
Stingy Stingy
Collect $50000 in career mode without spending them.
Hangtime Hangtime
Hold a stunt for 2 seconds.
Frozen Frozen
Hold a stunt for 4 seconds.
Big Air Big Air
Stay airborne for 3 seconds.
Orbit Orbit
Stay airborne for 5 seconds.
Untouchable Untouchable
Win a career race with your sled intact.
Backflip Backflip
Perform a backflip.
Double Backflip Double Backflip
Perform a double backflip.
Frontflip Frontflip
Perform a frontflip.
Double Frontflip Double Frontflip
Perform a double frontflip.
Head Splat Head Splat
Land on top of another player in an offline match.
Woodcutter Woodcutter
Collide with 3 trees in a race.
Crowdsurfing Crowdsurfing
Collide with the spectators.
Online Acrobat Online Acrobat
Achieve 20,000 stunt points in a single online match.
Friendly Friendly
Invite someone to a race.
Roadrunner Roadrunner
Lead a race from start to finish.