SingStar EU Trophy List

SingStar™ SingStar™
Collect every SingStar™ trophy
Don't stop the music Don't stop the music
Perform 40 songs
Lyrical odyssey Lyrical odyssey
Perform 100 songs
Musical marathon Musical marathon
Perform 400 songs
Sing-a-thon Sing-a-thon
Perform 15 songs in one game session
It takes two It takes two
Perform with a friend 30 times
The home team The home team
Perform with a friend 90 times
Perform with a friend 300 times
Star quality Star quality
Earn the "SingStar" score ranking in 10 normal length performances
Superstar quality Superstar quality
Earn the "SingStar" score ranking in 20 normal length performances
That's a rap That's a rap
Complete 5 rap performances
Back me up Back me up
Complete 5 performances of a duet song with another player
Be number 1 Be number 1
Gain the number 1 position in 10 different score charts
New styles New styles
Perform vibrato for the first time
Good vibrations Good vibrations
Perform vibrato for a total of 300 seconds
Strong pitcher Strong pitcher
Get the highest ranking on 10 lines in a row
Nailed it Nailed it
Get the highest ranking on every line in a Normal length performance
Randomizer Randomizer
Play 5 random songs selected by the Shuffle button
Low Rider Low Rider
Get the lowest score rank on any song
Midas touch Midas touch
Fill every Golden Note in a normal length performance
Gold rush Gold rush
Complete 500 Golden Notes
Improving performer Improving performer
Accumulate 500 seconds of perfect pitch
Career crooner Career crooner
Accumulate 3000 seconds of perfect pitch
Rule the stage Rule the stage
Accumulate 10000 seconds of perfect pitch
Holiday special Holiday special
Play on Christmas Day
Anniversary gift Anniversary gift
Play on SingStar's original launch date
Sing me a love song Sing me a love song
Perform a duet song on St. Valentine's Day
Perfect harmony Perfect harmony
Sing in harmony with a friend during a duet song
Concert debut Concert debut
Upload a piece of media
Save it for later Save it for later
Save 20 pieces of media
Channel surfer Channel surfer
View 50 pieces of media
Stars in my eyes Stars in my eyes
Rate 10 pieces of media