Silent Hill: Book Of Memories Trophy List

Hyperthymesiac Hyperthymesiac
Earn every trophy in the game
Creator Creator
Create a character
Consumer Consumer
Make a purchase in Howard's shop
Light Napper Light Napper
Complete Zone 1
Deep Sleeper Deep Sleeper
Reach Zone 50
Comatose Comatose
Reach Zone 100
Novice Novice
Level up to LVL 2
Apprentice Apprentice
Level up to LVL 25
Master Master
Level up to LVL 50
Choice Meat Choice Meat
Defeat 25 Butchers with the Great Cleaver
Disorderly Conduct Disorderly Conduct
Defeat 25 Nurses with the Steel Pipe
Hammer Time Hammer Time
Defeat 25 Bogeymen with the Bogeyman's Hammer
Pyramid Scheme Pyramid Scheme
Defeat 25 Pyramid Heads with the Great Knife
Light Heal Me Light Heal Me
Use Heal Me Karma Ability to restore 25% or more health
Light Heal You Light Heal You
Use Heal You Karma Ability to restore 50% or more health to a friend (multiplayer)
Light Heal Us Light Heal Us
Use Heal Us Karma Ability to restore 50% or more health each to 3 players (multiplayer)
Blood Barrage Blood Barrage
Use Blood Barrage Karma Ability to kill 5 or more enemies
Blood Beam Blood Beam
Use Blood Beam Karma Ability on 5 or more enemies at once
Blood Burn Blood Burn
Use Blood Burn Karma Ability to damage 4 different enemy types at once
Power Breaker Power Breaker
Use Weapon Breaker Power Move with a weapon that's about to shatter
Power Charger Power Charger
Use Charge Tackle Power Move to knock one enemy into another
Power Flasher Power Flasher
Use Flash Burst Power Move to kill 5 or more stunned enemies in a row
Power Inverter Power Inverter
Use Karma Flip Power Move to flip 8 or more enemies at once
Power Repeller Power Repeller
Use Push Force Power Move to knock 8 or more enemies back at once
Power Savior Power Savior
Use Health Siphon Power Move to bring a dying friend back to life (multiplayer)
Power Switcher Power Switcher
Use 360 Attack Power Move to strike 4 or more enemies at once
Beast Master Beast Master
Defeat any Guardian without taking damage
Beat Maniac Beat Maniac
Earn a 30 or greater timed hit combo
Blacksmith Blacksmith
Level up 10 different weapons
Bleeder Bleeder
Lose more than 400% health in one Zone without dying
Bouncer Bouncer
Complete a Zone using only your fists (no weapons)
Brainiac Brainiac
Complete any 5 puzzles without using the hint lever
Executioner Executioner
Perform a timed execution on 10 enemies in one Zone
Klutz Klutz
Trigger every kind of trap in the game
Medic Medic
Drop a health pack after a friend requests one (multiplayer)
Moneybags Moneybags
Spend over 250,000 MR in Howard's shop
Ninja Ninja
Complete a Zone without turning on your flashlight
Sugar High Sugar High
Complete a Zone without stopping for more than 30 seconds total
Tommfoolery Tommfoolery
Perform every in-game VO clip for one character
Wingman Wingman
Defeat any Guardian with all four players still alive (multiplayer)
Saint Saint
Achieve the LIGHT ending in every Forsaken Room
Sinner Sinner
Achieve the BLOOD ending in every Forsaken Room
Agnostic Agnostic
Achieve the NEUTRAL ending in every Forsaken Room
Fireman Fireman
Defeat the Fire Guardian
Lumberjack Lumberjack
Defeat the Wood Guardian
Sandman Sandman
Defeat the Light Guardian
Plumber Plumber
Defeat the Water Guardian
Miner Miner
Defeat the Earth Guardian
Phlebotomist Phlebotomist
Defeat the Blood Guardian
Author Author
Defeat the Steel Guardian and complete the game
Emissary Emissary
Complete Valtiel's missions in Zones 1 through 21
Storyteller Storyteller
Achieve all 6 of the game's endings
Architect Architect
Complete your Rooms Checklist 100%
Antiquarian Antiquarian
Complete your Artifacts Checklist 100%
Arms Dealer Arms Dealer
Complete your Weapons Checklist 100%
Couch Potato Couch Potato
Complete your Broadcasts Checklist 100%
Librarian Librarian
Complete your Notes Checklist 100%
Veterinarian Veterinarian
Complete your Bestiary Checklist 100%
Optimist Optimist
Turn all 40 Change Notes to Light at the same time
Pessimist Pessimist
Turn all 40 Change Notes to Blood at the same time
Deity Deity
Level up to LVL 70
Annotator Annotator
Complete the DLC (red) portions of all checklists