Silence Trophy List

How To Use
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Obtain all the trophies
Finish the game without dying
Let Sadwick die every time it´s possible
You finished chapter one
You finished chapter two
You finished chapter three
Go through the mirror
Stay in Silence
Finish the game without using the snoopkey
Finish the game without skipping a text
Lick the mushrooms until you pass out
Pull the world worm's tooth
Let Renie and Noah both pop the bubble
Spot licked everything
Burn the swamp
Find all bugs
Find all possible Spot interactions
Prime the bomb
Don´t prime the bomb
Trigger the same game over sequence twice in a row
Let the mushroom fart ten times
Shoot the gate
Send Spot to Kyra
Fix the bomb without letting go
Drop the Noiseball
Use the magic boxes to change into all available Spot forms
Taste the everything in the swamp
Let the fish get the berries 3 times
Discover every possible Spot form
Kick everything possible.
Play with the shadows.
Balance without falling down.
Fail three times in balance checks.
Look into the abyss
Listen to Kyra
Spot plunges everywhere
Dive through the clouds
Get to the gate in 8 steps
Place candles everywhere possible
Sneeze over the candle
Grab 10 gold from the well
Completed the prayer mill story with the death wheel
Completed the prayer mill story with the dream wheel
Completed the prayer mill story with the life wheel
Skip every puzzle