Siegecraft Commander Trophy List

Siegecraft Master Siegecraft Master
Obtained all trophies in Siegecraft Commander!
Full Speed Ahead Full Speed Ahead
Crashed air units into each other
SAM Site SAM Site
Shot down an air unit with a TNT
Booster Shot Booster Shot
Killed a tower with a full power trebuchet shot
Got Milk? Got Milk?
Caught a cow with a dragon
Gibbed Gibbed
Destroyed 10 units with a single TNT
Deconstruction Deconstruction
Destroyed a tower with a building projectile
Spiteful Last Words Spiteful Last Words
As a tower is being destroyed, fire a projectile and destroy an enemy tower
Too Many Eggs In This Basket Too Many Eggs In This Basket
Get 5 tower kills by destroying the tower it is linked to
Cows Go Moo When They Boom Cows Go Moo When They Boom
Changed a cow into a mad cow
Lockdown Lockdown
Chained 4 towers with a single Hex Curse
Blitzkrieg Blitzkrieg
Hit 8 friendly units with the Haste spell
Winter War Winter War
Hit 10 enemy units with the Freeze spell