Trophy List

The Longest Day The Longest Day
Complete a playthrough without failing or retrying any stage.
Super Scavenger Super Scavenger
Get all the item boxes scattered throughout the game.
Goldbuster Goldbuster
Defeat all the gold enemies.
Mask Master Mask Master
Emerge victorious without losing a single mask.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Defeat Kirara without taking any damage.
The Shortest Day The Shortest Day
Defeat Night and Day in under 50 seconds.
Marksman Marksman
Complete an indoor stage without missing a single attack.
Pro Limboer Pro Limboer
Complete an outdoor stage without being hit by a single enemy.
Look, Mom! No Guns! Look, Mom! No Guns!
Complete an outdoor stage without firing a single shot.
Speed Demon Speed Demon
Maintain maximum speed during an indoor stage.
Who's Up for Seconds? Who's Up for Seconds?
See the ending.
Boss Beaten Boss Beaten
Beat a boss stage.
One Down One Down
Beat a stage.
Get Off My Lawn! Get Off My Lawn!
Drive off the Veiled with gunfire.