Shoppe Keep Trophy List

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Master Shop Keeper - Earned all other trophies.
Earn 10,000 Gold profit
Earn 100,000 Gold profit
Earn 1,000 Gold profit
Slain your first thief
50 Thieves dealt with
1000 Thieves dealt with
Slain your first batch of barbarians
Slain 100 Barbarians
Slain 500 Barbarians
Slain Barbingantua
Barbarian sword dropped
Sold 500 Potions
Cleaned up 100 corpses
Harvested 200 Mushrooms
You got knocked the frick out!
Your shop held on for a whole week
Your shop held on for a whole month
Your shop held on for a whole year
Ordered 50 items
Ordered 200 items
Ordered 10,000 items
Ordered 20,000 items
Sold 50 items
Sold 200 items
Sold 10,000 items
Sold 20,000 items