Shooty Fruity Trophy List

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Complete all other Trophies
Complete your first mission
Complete the first Canteen mission
Complete the first Packing mission
Complete all Challenges
Unlock all Pistols
Unlock all Revolvers
Unlock all Shotguns
Unlock all Submachine Guns
Unlock all Assault Rifles
Unlock all Explosives
Kill 500 Fruit with Pistols
Kill 500 Fruit with Revolvers
Kill 500 Fruit with Shotguns
Kill 500 Fruit with Submachine Guns
Kill 500 Fruit with Assault Rifles
Kill 500 Fruit with Explosives
Purchase all Weapons
Kill fruit with every shell in the magazine of a Shotgun
Kill multiple fruit with a single shotgun blast 10 times
Kill fruit by shooting a grenade
Attach C4 to a fruit and detonate it
Get 100% accuracy with a full Pistol magazine 10 times in a shift
Get 5 kills with any automatic weapon without letting go of the trigger
Get 10 kills with a single magazine of a Submachine Gun
Earn 7000 juice with Assault Rifles in a shift
Get 25 kills with each hand in a mission
Complete 15 Canteen trays in a row
Correctly place 5 food packets in one tray section
Earn 1,000,000 juice (Cumulative)
Kill a fruit with a thrown Cherry
Shoot 200 fruit projectiles out of the air
Survive 30 minutes in the Checkout Marathon
Survive 30 minutes in the Canteen Marathon
Survive 30 minutes in the Packing Marathon
Grab a fruit and shoot it out of your hand
Throw a gun in the air and catch it
Kill 3 fruit with a single explosion