Shining Resonance Refrain Trophy List

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Obtained all trophies.
Collected 200 different materials.
Visited every location on the map.
Synthesized 50 different items or skill pieces.
Synthesized a rare skill piece.
Collected all Tunings.
Raised any Tuning to the highest rank.
Won your first battle.
Defeated 500 monsters.
Defeated 1000 monsters.
Defeated 2000 monsters.
Achieved a 99-hit combo.
Used B.A.N.D for the first time.
Activated B.A.N.D with each character as lead.
Used dragonshift for the first time.
Recovered from a dragon berserk.
Won over 100 battles using dragonshift.
Triggered 10 advantageous encounters.
Won a battle without taking damage.
Won a battle with a party member incapacitated.
Raised any party member to level 100.
Triggered a break for the first time.
Triggered a break on blocking enemies 30 times.
Triggered a break on casting enemies 30 times.
Triggered a resonance 30 times.
Used Force abilities 100 times.
Defeated a rare monster.
Defeated powerful foes throughout Alfheim.
Cleared Chapter 1.
Cleared Chapter 2.
Cleared Chapter 3.
Cleared Chapter 4.
Cleared Chapter 5.
Cleared Chapter 6.
Cleared Chapter 7.
Cleared Chapter 8.
Reached Kirika's ending.
Reached Sonia's ending.
Reached Agnum's ending.
Reached Lestin's ending.
Reached Marion's ending.
Reached Rinna's ending.
Reached "Jinas's" ending in Refrain mode.
Reached "Excella"'s ending in Refrain mode.
Triggered your first night event.
Went on your first date.
Acquired 100 different Traits.
Fulfilled their wishes and spoke to the orchestrator in Refrain.