Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies for Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom
Defeat Meos
Defeat Mother
Break free of Ayron
Have 5 characters in your team
Defeat Irys
Defeat Kaorys
Help the Sister of Secrets
Solve the puzzle in the Room of 9 Pillars
Honor a Contract
Create 10 Recipes
Discover 10 Interest Points
Acquire an Amos
Have Kaorys decrypt a Plant Shi
Have Irys decrypt a Lightning Shi
Finish a fight without getting hit
Win 100 combats without using magic
Win 100 combats only using magic
Capture 50 wildlife
Collect 100,000 Uzu
Spend 100,000 Uzu
Inflict 100 guard breaks
Achieve rank S 100 times
Reach level 50 with every character
Catch one of every wildlife
Beat one of each kind of enemy
Finish all secondary quests and all contracts
Master every Combo with every character
Unlock all Spells
Unlock all Supports
Acquire the Hunting Shoes
Trigger 50 traps
Get knocked out 50 times
Achieve rank F 10 times
Drop down to 1 HP
Discover all of Rosalya’s doors
Consume every consumable with Poky (at least once)
Kill an enemy with the Hyper attack
Win 50 fights without getting hit by the enemy
Defeat an enemy using Engagement only
Beat a legend with rank S
Reach Adorya station without setting off a single alarm
Finish the game (with NO Game Over)