Shift Quantum Trophy List

How To Use
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Unlocked all trophies
First glitch collected
You collected all the glitches
Found the girl
Died 42 times
Smashed by a block
Spike brochette - First death by running on spikes
Died a hundred times
Died within 10 seconds of spawning
Jumped without seeing the bottom of the level
Deliberately jumped towards spikes without any air control during the fall
Used a wind block
Used a movable block
Used a rotator block
Used a digger block
Picked up the girl's scarf
Climbed the path the little girl revealed to you
Helped the girl for the first time
Stayed focus on puzzles
Left the pain behind
Refused Axon Vertigo's help in your search for happiness
Got real close to the girl
Removed last parasitic fragments of memory and found peace
Pushed crates for a total distance of > 100 blocks
Dug 20 blocks in one level
Destroyed 100 blocks with the digger block
Played a community level and finished it
Shifted next to the girl
Created your first level and published it
Used the black and white block
Beat your best time on any community level at least 5 times
Played community levels from at least 10 different authors