Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed Trophy List

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Unlocked all trophies in SHIFT 2 UNLEASHEDâ„¢
Reached Driver Level 5
Mastered every location in day or dusk
Beat Jamie Campbell-Walter and won the FIA GT1 World Championship
Beat Patrick Soderlund and won the FIA GT3 European Championship
Placed 1st in 5 consecutive Online events
Beaten all the Rivals
Have at least one car from each manufacturer in your Garage
Earned $10,000,000 total during your career
Mastered every location at night
Reached Driver Level 15
Won JR's GTR Challenge
Completed an event recommended by a Friend
Beaten your first Rival
Reached Driver Level 10
Reached Driver Level 20
Beaten Mad Mike Whiddett and won the Works Championship
Completed 250 Event Objectives
Won your first Event Set Badge
Complete an event purely from helmet cam
Place 1st in an event using Elite handling model
Won 25 Career events on Easy difficulty or higher
Won 50 Career events on Medium difficulty or higher
Won 75 Career events on Hard difficulty
Beaten the 1st Target Time in a Hot Lap event
Unlocked the FIA GT1 Branch
Track Mastered your first location
Competed at every location in the game
Own a Modern, Retro, and Muscle car
Used On-Track Tuning to save a Tuning Setup for a car
Upgraded 3 vehicles to Works spec
Completed JR's Grass Roots event
Earned 10 Badges
Earned 50 Badges
Earned 100 Badges
Got through the Qualifying round in the Driver Duel Championship
Shared a photo or replay with others
Completed an Online Catchup Pack and Online Catchup Duel event
Won your first Driver Duel Championship crown
Won an Online event from helmet cam
Played Online for over 10 hours total
Beat Matt Powers and won the Legends Championship
Won an Online event in a car from the Legends Pack
Reached over 250mph in a Standing Mile event
Ran a Quarter Mile in less than 9 seconds
Won an Online event in a Speedhunters Edition car
Beat Chris Rado and won the 1320 Outlaws Championship
Beat Koz and won the Standing Mile World Championship
Completed a Career event in each of the Speedhunters Edition Cars