Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn Trophy List

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Perform Shaq Wave for the 1st time
Perform 150 counter-attacks
Smash 50 destroyable objects
Smash 150 destroyable objects
Collect 5 Icy Hots
Take out 500 enemies using any melee weapon
Take out 600 enemies while being Diesel
Finish Shaq Diesel event for the 1st time
Take out 1000 any enemies
Take out 300 enemies using barrels
Take out 200 enemies using loader
Shoot 500 spines while being Shaqtus
Take out 300 enemies using boulders
Take out 600 enemies using boulders
Defeat Freezy
Defeat Arthur
Defeat Baby Face
Defeat Kandy
Defeat Benedict
Defeat Yen-Lo-Wang

BarackFu DLC

Finish Dirty Barry event for the 1st time
Take out 300 enemies in Dirty Barry mode
Deliver 25 Peace Prizes
Take out 300 enemies using Barack n' Rolla
Take out 75 enemies using baguette
Take out 400 enemies using any sign as a weapon
Take out 100 enemies by throwing barrels
Take out 100 enemies using rail gun
Take out 100 enemies using wrecking ball or claw crane
Board the Black Knight Satellite
Defeat Automated Assassin
Defeat Marine Le Pig
Defeat Con-Ye