Shape of the World Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Collect 7 seeds
Collect half of the seeds
Collect 3/4 of the seeds
Collect all 28 seeds
Touch all Rainforest monuments
Launch toward 15 different cave pots
Touch all Mountain monuments
Complete the game
Complete the game a second time
Complete the game three times
Plant 100 trees
Plant 1,000 trees
Destroy 50 trees
Destroy 500 trees
Fly 150m before touching down
Fly 300m before touching down
Fly 600m before touching down
Do a fast complete playthrough of the game
Do a slow complete playthrough of the game
Find an unmarked monument near the shore
Launch upwards with the help of an urchin
Walk a total of 7,500m
Walk a total of 15,000m
Walk a total of 30,000m
Walk a total of 50,000m
Take a side route through the swamp cave