Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition Trophy List

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Unlock all Trophies in 'Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition'.
Beat the game in color-swapped clothing!
Defeat 5 or more enemies with a single Obliterate!
Defeat 10 enemies as a Blobfish!
Defeat Risky Boots while in Tinkerbat Form!
Save Scuttletown!
Stop the Techno Baron!
Find the lost memories!
Finish the race!
Foil the Dual Barons!
Defeat Risky Boots!
Achieve 100% completion as Shantae!
Obtain all win screens in any Shantae Mode!
Complete Hard Core Mode!
Use your Tinkerbats to defeat 15 renegade Tinkerbats!
Complete Pirate Queen's Quest with zero upgrades!
Remind everyone who's boss!
Foil the techno upstart!
What was that for?
Take out the trash!
Give 'em something to think about!
Defeat the Half-Genie brat!
Achieve 100% completion as Risky Boots!
Obtain all win screens in Pirate Queen's Quest.
Raise all three friends to Max Level!
Save blah blah blah...
Free a captivating captive!
Brings back memories...
Take down an army.
Clear the residence of evil.
Save your friend from a sinister force.
Achieve 100% completion as Sky, Bolo, and Rotty!
Obtain all win screens in Friends to the End.
Get crushed by a switch block.
Complete a stage without using your sword.
Defeat 20 enemies with the Beach Ball.
Soak up the Scuttle Town sun in your swimwear.
Conquer a fishy foe while dressed as a Ninja.
Wipe someone's criminal record as an Officer of the Law.
Soar over Cape Crustacean in your swimwear.
Enforce curfew as an Officer of the Law.
Defeat the Pirate Queen, Ninja style!
Achieve 100% completion as an Officer!
Achieve 100% completion as a Ninja!
Achieve 100% completion in your bathing suit!
Obtain all win screens while playing as Shantae in her Ninja, Beach, and Officer costumes!
Land the final strike on any boss with only a sliver of your own health left.