Shadows: Awakening Trophy List

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Obtain all Shadows: Awakening Trophies.
Unlock the Ishkai Sniper soul.
Unlock 8 Puppets in one playthrough.
Avoid fighting Graabak.
Learn the secret of Evia's death.
Return Kalig to the head of the Guild of Steel with at least one of the mercenaries surviving.
Have an old friend rescue House Malfagon from its enemies - and it's own ambition.
Avoid fighting the Werewolf Berserkers.
Talk to Korshak having slain no-one that Falon knows.
Successfully escape Thole.
Complete Book One.
Activate All Cenotaphs.
Defeat the Aphotic Spider Queen and her minions.
Defeat the Scorpion King.
Acquire the Reaper sword.
Reach level 10 with any Puppet.
Reach level 20 with any Puppet.
Reach level 30 with any Puppet.
Earn second level.
Max out one of your Skills with any Puppet.
Have Zaar fulfill his most fervent desire.
Have Darius liberate all of Corwenth from the demon invasion.
Witness all three main endings.
Defeat Evanger.
Defeat Valkarin.
Complete Book Two.
Complete Both Books in Oldschool Mode.
Complete the game on Extreme difficulty.
Recover the Shaman's Staff.
Defeat Aknush.
Successfully infiltrate the Penta Nera's convocation.
Destroy 1,000 environmental objects.
Learn all about the Heretic Kingdoms by reading every book.
Cleanse the world of 100 rats.
Kill 1,000 vermin-type enemies.
Equip a character with a full set of the legendary Inquisition armor.
Have 300,000 gold available to spend.
Unlock Darius and Falon.
Unlock Wasp and Wood Elemental.
Unlock Draconian.
Revel in the gloom; sate those base desires!
Purify your form; perfection is your playground.
Switch between Shadow and Mortal Realm 10,000 times. Did you forget something?
Throw 999 silver into the well in the House Cellar.
Complete the game on at least Hard difficulty with no puppet deaths. Because reasons.
Lose 100 Puppets. Lose, or misplace?