Shadow of the Beast Trophy List

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Collect all other trophies.
A winding staircase descends into darkness. Finish the Grass Plains of Karamoon.
...the eerie image of a forest forms in front of you. Finish the Dryad Kingdom.
...into sunlight again. Finish the Swamp of Decay.
Finish the Arid Wastes.
...a dank passage leads through a guard room. Finish the Hydrath's Castle. an eerie red glow over the graveyard. Finish the Graveyard of the Fallen.
You have freed yourself from the Shadow of the Beast. Finish the Crystal Lava Fields.
Watch the "Kill Maletoth" ending.
Watch the "Beast's Future" epilogue.
Watch the "Become Human" ending.
Watch the "Spare Maletoth" ending.
Watch the "Aarbron's Future" epilogue.
Unlock and watch the final epilogue.
Complete a level on Beast difficulty without resurrecting.
Complete all levels.
Complete all levels on at least Normal difficulty.
Complete all levels on Beast difficulty.
Discover all the hidden art in the special credits sequence in one run.
Achieve platinum rank on any level.
Fully upgrade all of Aarbron's combat skills.
Play the original game.
Break all summon seals.
Open all prophecy orbs.
Unlock all talismans and timelines.
Get a rage chain of 10 or greater.
Equip 3 talismans.
Achieve 50 perfect kills.
Successfully perform 10 counters.
Successfully perform all special moves.
Achieve an A rating for style on any level.
Achieve a combo of x15 or greater.
Successfully use the Shield of Leander 10 times.