Second Chance Heroes Trophy List

You're Getting the Hang of It! You're Getting the Hang of It!
Defeat 50 monsters.
You're a Machine! You're a Machine!
Defeat 10,000 monsters.
Big Boss Man Big Boss Man
Defeat every boss.
Spice of Life Spice of Life
Defeat each mini-boss.
Newbie Newbie
Beat the first level.
The Shopping Maul The Shopping Maul
Complete all Mall levels.
Bindle of Joy Bindle of Joy
Complete all Hobo Colony levels.
Sight Unzeen Sight Unzeen
Complete all Site Z levels.
Written by the Victors Written by the Victors
Complete all levels.
The Best You Can Do? The Best You Can Do?
Collect 1,000 XP.
A Bit Much? A Bit Much?
Collect 100,000 XP.
Catch 'Em All! Catch 'Em All!
Play as each Hero.