Scribblenauts Showdown Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies.
Play every Wordy game at least once.
Play every Speedy game at least once.
Create a custom Scribblenaut.
Create all 15 custom Scribblenauts.
Earn 25 Starites.
Earn 100 Starites.
Create one of Maxwell's brothers in Sandbox Play or a Wordy game.
Play Sandbox with two players.
Create 100 Sandbox objects.
Complete a Showdown with 4 players.
Complete a 9 round Versus match.
Complete a 15 round Versus match.
Complete a 25 round Versus match.
Win 5 consecutive games against a single player.
Shutout a player in Versus by winning every single round.
Score at least 1500 points in Drone Drop!
Create a chain of 10 objects in Rocket Rubble!
Knock down a tower in 8 launches in Tower Topple!
Win a game of Get Served! without losing any health.
Make it to the finish line in Take Flight! with full health.
Win a game of Super Sprint! without hitting an obstacle.
Win a game of Balancing Act! without dropping any of your objects.
Unlock all 8 Sandbox levels.
Unlock all the custom Scribblenaut parts.
Unlock all custom Sandbox objects.
Unlock all vehicles in the game.