Score Rush Extended Trophy List

Collide Collide
Kill enemy with collision.
Slow Slow
Move with slowdown for 1 minute.
Survive 5 minutes without launching nuke.
Extra Life Extra Life
Collect a 1UP.
Quickie Quickie
Kill a boss in under 10 seconds.
Ammo Ammo
Shoot 500,000 bullets in a single game.
Max Power Max Power
Max out main gun firepower.
Squadron Squadron
Have 3 fighters in reserve (collect a 1UP without dying) in SINGLE PLAYER + SOLO PLAY mode.
Pacifist Pacifist
Survive 1 minute without shooting.
Coalesce Coalesce
Coalesce 50% of trailing options (collect 16).
Big Game Big Game
Kill boss for 20 million points.
Snake Snake
Max out trailing options (collect 32).
Bullet Hell Bullet Hell
Witness 1,000 enemy bullets at once.
Conquer Conquer
Beat BOSS RUSH in any difficulty.
Mastered Mastered
Beat SCORE RUSH in any difficulty.