Saturday Morning RPG Trophy List

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Unlock all other trophies
Win 50 battles
Win 100 battles
Win 150 battles
Win 225 battles
Reach Level 11
Reach Level 21
Reach Level 50
Scratch all five stickers before battle
Collect all 128 Scratch N' Sniff Stickers
Max out your multiplier
Retry a fight and win
Beat an entire episode without dying
Score 200 Righteous Defenses
Collect dinner for a friend
Complete 2 different episodes
Complete 4 different episodes
Complete 5 different episodes
Get a battle rank of A or higher five different times
Get a triple S ranking in battle
Destroy the gruel in Episode 2
Don't destroy the gruel in Episode 2
Defeat an enemy with a critical punch
Get a righteous rating on a weapon slider 10 times
Win a fight without scratching any stickers
Play an episode twice
Decide to fight Bertha for Bobby Jett
Walk away from the Bertha fight
Stop the HOOD forces in Shadow Valley
Buy Henry's ticket for Ash
Hire Charles Cheezer to "talk" to Henry
You called Jenny for a good time
Defeat Super Computah
Hook Sarah up with Randy Greenback
Hook Sarah up with the Basketball Team
Hook Sarah up with Matt Conroy
Hook Sarah up with Chris Rock
Force Blake to go on a date with Sarah
Crane kick Billy
Defeat Evil Marty
Defeat Wave 5 of Endless Battle
Defeat Wave 10 of Endless Battle
Defeat Wave 15 of Endless Battle
Win an arena battle
Use the decoder ring
Win a battle against the Frizzies
Shoot your eye out with the BB Gun
Compact Ben in the trash compactor
Save Ben from the trash compactor
Defeat the Trash Monster
Defeat the Lizard King
Defeat Adrian the cyberdaemon, lord of pizza
Use the safety scissors to pull an enemy across a bomb
Get Todd and Mary back together
Make Kev the robot band frontman
Make Chris the robot band frontrock
Make Bearris the robot band frontman
Make Captain Crunch the robot band frontman