Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse Trophy List

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Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone in Max's future vision.
Brought the Alien Brain back to life.
Tracked down General Skun-ka'pe.
Sent General Skun-ka'pe to the Penal Zone once and for all.
Read the mind of everyone aboard General Skun-ka'pe's flagship.
Saw a future vision for Sam in every possible environment.
Visited every location available in this case.
Used all of the correct combinations of clues in the Crime-Tron.
Teleported to every available phone in the case.
Heard 7 references no one under the age of 30 will understand.
Heard 10 double entendres.
Smacked Max out of the way in every environment.
Used the Nutrition Specs to reveal a secret object.
Completed Monsieur Papierwaite's challenge
Successfully raided the Tomb of Sammun-Mak.
Foiled an onboard sneak-thief.
Stop a seriously sinister ceremony.
Throw your voice to every available target.
Get zapped with fewer than six Mole Curses.
See Sameth and/or Maximus die at nine distinct points in the game.
Complete the four reels in sequential order.
Cause German train passenger to be saddled with two curses at the same time.
Cause your little buddy to lose both his luck and his rabbithood at the same time.
Fool a Yog Soggoth devotee into thinking you’re a member of the Brotherhood.
Make it through the Mouth of the Sphunx the first time it opens.
Tracked Max's brain-thieves to the Museum
Foiled an evil alliance and recovered Max's brain
Infiltrated the boy-king's inner circle
Lobotomized the Pharaoh and got Max his brain
Threaten and "Noir" everyone you meet on the street in Act 1
Explore the museum completely
Turn into the Hindenburg in every room and get a bird's eye view of the environment
Have Sammunmak banish every possible object in Act 3
Teleport to every phone in the museum
Turned into every possible object
Escaped the siege at Stinky's
Discovered the shocking identity of the Clone Master
Defeated the Clone Master and saved the world (again)
Fully investigated the Clone Master suspects
Acquired the Cthonic Destroyer in 6 or fewer trips
Impressed friends with card trick
Ventriloquized everyone available
Transformed into everything available
Read everyone's mind
Damaged a lot of Clone Pods
Experienced a lot of fan service
Sent a rescue team into the body of Giant Max
Overcame the psychic powers to enter Max's brain
Found the location of the only thing that will save Max
Delivered the tool necessary to complete Max's brain surgery
Discovered a last-minute way to save Max
Listened to all of Max's audiobooks on vinyl in their entirety
Checked out every object in Max's inventory
Heard all the details of Stinky's origin
Collected all of Max's precious memory slides
Heard at least five accounts of what nightmares taste like
Shot all of the Flaming Max spores
Snuck into the frame of Satan's documentary at least twice