Sacra Terra: Kiss of Death Trophy List

Piece of Cake Piece of Cake
Complete the game in Expert Mode without using any hints.
True Story True Story
Complete the game.
No Shortcuts No Shortcuts
Complete all the mini-games without skipping.
Like the Wind Like the Wind
Complete a HOS in less than 30 seconds.
I’m not Bored I’m not Bored
Complete the game twice.
First Love First Love
Return the first heart to the tree.
It Takes Two It Takes Two
Return the second heart to the tree.
Trinity Trinity
Return the third heart to the tree.
Tree of Hearts Tree of Hearts
Return the fourth heart to the tree.
Sharp as a Tack Sharp as a Tack
Complete a HOS without a single mistake.
Light Speed Light Speed
Use Fast Travel 100 times.
Paparazzi Paparazzi
Obtain a Ballerina Pic.