RWBY: Grimm Eclipse Trophy List

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Unlock All Trophies
Complete Mountain Glenn Part 2 with 3:00 minutes or more left on the clock.
Play in an online match with all four team RWBY members present.
Complete the campaign in single player
Reach 100 hits on the combo counter.
Execute a Team Attack.
Revive a teammate after purchasing Quick Revive.
Do Blake's taunt right after killing the Mutant Deathstalker
Get Wave MVP five times in a waved encounter.
Get four flawless waves in a waved encounter.
Complete the campaign using Ruby
Complete the campaign using Blake
Complete the campaign using Weiss
Complete the campaign using Yang
Collect 10 artifacts during a single play session.
Kill a Mutant Beowolf while your Aura is depleted.
Complete any level without taking damage.
Reach rank 10 with any character.
Kill 10 enemies with a single Ultimate attack
Collect the artifact at the end of the jumping puzzle in Forever Fall.
Refund all of your Ability Points
Get the highest score in a four player online match on a single level.
Get an assist on a Mutant Beowolf
Do a Team Attack with Ruby and Yang
In a four player online game, each player deposits at least one dust crystal.
Complete any level by only using ranged attacks.
Kill 35 enemies with turrets during a single horde match.
Beat any horde map without building a turret.
Have 10 active turrets at once during a horde match.
Win any Horde map with all security nodes at 85% health.
Beat any Horde map solo.
Collect a total of 20,000 Lien during any Horde match.


Play in an online match with Jaune, Nora, Pyrrha, and Ren.
Go Team RNJR! Play in an online match with Ruby, Nora, Jaune, and Ren.
Complete the campaign using Ren.
Complete the campaign using Jaune.
Complete the campaign using Nora.
Complete the campaign using Pyrrha.