Runner2 Trophy List

Jogging Along Jogging Along
Complete 30 Rewards
Running Steady Running Steady
Complete 60 Rewards
Complete all 90 Rewards
Cloud King Cloud King
Complete World 1
Water Strider Water Strider
Complete World 2
Super Tree Hugger Super Tree Hugger
Complete World 3
Feel the Burn Feel the Burn
Complete World 4
Future Legend Future Legend
Complete World 5
Hardcore Hardcore
Beat All Levels on Hard
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Dancing Fool Dancing Fool
Dance 100 Times
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Get One Perfect Run in Each Level
Perfect Perfectionist Perfect Perfectionist
Get a Triple Perfect+ in Every Level
Who Dat!? Who Dat!?
Unlock a New Character
Better Than Perfect Better Than Perfect
Get One Perfect+ in Each World
Double Perfectionist Double Perfectionist
Get Two Double Perfects in Each World
Triple Perfectionist Triple Perfectionist
Get Three Triple Perfects in Each World