Runbow - Complete Collection Trophy List

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You got all the trophies!
Get 3 medals in 10 adventure levels
Get 3 medals in 15 adventure levels
Beat 10 adventures with a friend
Get killed by a laser
Get hit by lightning 10 times
Get the swapper power-up 10 times
Get the mimicry power-up 10 times
Do 10 butt pounds
Land one of each attack
Taunt 20 times
Break 30 breakable blocks
Spend more than 3 minutes in the air
Fall to your death 20 times
Play a Run game
Play King of the Hill
Play Arena
Beat Satura in Forgotten Forest
3 medal all of Forgotten Forest
Beat all of Lost Luau
3 medall of all Lost Luau
Beat Satura in Break-Out
Beat all of Break-Out
Beat Satura in Monster Manor
Beat all of Monster Manor
3 medal all of Monster Manor
Beat all levels in Adventure Mode
3 medal all levels in Adventure mode
Beat Adventure mode and defeat Satura
Unlock all Gallery content
Unlock every guest character
Beat the Bowhemoth
Beat Bowhemoth in 60 deaths or 60 min
Beat Bowhemoth in 10 deaths or 20 min
Win a tie-breaker
Do 20 taunts in one game & win
Land 20 hits in one game & win
Be stunned when you get the trophy
Play a level in each Adventure map
3 medal all of Break Out
Beat 100 enemies
Land 5 super punches
Beat all levels in forest map
Beat the boss in tropical map

Satura's Space Adventure DLC

3 medal all of Out Of This World
Beat all of Out of This World
Defeat Pluto!